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Strategy and Concepts

Whether it regards your service and business concepts, sales and marketing strategy, or visualizing your visions, I'm here to help. I specialize in supporitng strategy and concept development by facilitating management workshops, analysing user and other background data, and producing visually engaging material.

From Academy to Action

My passion is to develop academic theories to actionable strategy and services. My current research aiming for a PhD focuses on joint service creation in a complex digitalizing transportation industry.

Service Visualisation

When you're in a sudden need to showcase your business and services visually - for pitches, dirty prototypes, half-functional demos or ad-hoc graphics - I'm at your service. I also implement simple fully functional services.

Case Examples

Selected ongoing or earlier projects.

Use-cases for business planning

Strategic Design

Business plan for internal funding

Strategic Design

Pushing the Government

Service Implementation

Ice-cubes - served

Service Implementation

Identifying Opportunities

Strategic Design

Logo - Graphics - Quick!


Electric Traffic

Service Implementation




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Lauri Saviranta

Service Creator
Doctoral Candidate, Aalto University

+358 40 829 2317


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